FAMILY première in Oslo

11th JUNE 2022


Site specific performance for

The New National Museum – Oslo (NO)

FAMILY enters into dialogue with the collection of the Nasjonalmuseet of Oslo and is conceived as a live artwork with a non-definitive form: in this performance there is the process of presence through which all the elements that make up the artwork interact with each other, showing as a result the experience of the body itself.

During two years a local Family, Nordheim-Hareide (selected by an open call) is invited to sing the titles of the works collection.

The call is open to any relationship that can contribute to this new definition or in-definition of family: marital and non-marital ties, not necessarily procreative relationships, both biologically and non-biologically related families, extended families, new affections, provided that several generations are involved. Family goes beyond blood ties and expands to a broader concept of affection and sharing.

Therefore, the idea behind the project is the involvement and the intersection of different generations, focusing on three different time frames: the passing of time inside the museum and time in everyday life.
The Family will live the museum and their life, growing old, but their change will also be perceived by the voice of the performers. Generational presence and vocal involvement are constant and side-by-side actions, which are moving parallel, towards a single goal, maintain an indestructible constancy of the action.

The role of the public is not marginal, although the action is not entirely participatory in the strict sense. The observer will be the active witness of the passing of time and its guardian.
Francesca Grilli is interested in conceiving the museum structure, as a family tree, as a backbone dating back to time. A family can take possession of the museum space, singing and celebrating the artworks they most like and becoming part of the museum itself.

The temporal choice is in this way so dilated. This wants to underline the importance and the responsibility that the spectator (and the performer) should have towards the work of art itself. The presence of the same performers over the years also indicates the desire to merge art and life in a single moment.

Artistic team

Francesca Grilli / artist
Alessandra Bordiga / music composition and vocal trainer
Willy de Rooij / casting support
Ettore Lombardi / styling advice
Benno Steinegger / external eye
Chiara Fava / administration
Chiara Massari / production
Elena Regazzoni / communication
Supported by Corpoceleste

The Family

Ellinor Brune Hareide
Odd Einar Nordheim
Frid Brune Nordheim
Embla Brune Nordheim
Rora Brune Nordheim

Museum team

Eva Klerck Gange / curator
Gudrun Eidsvik / curator education
Per Odd Bakke / project leader
Rannveig Falkenberg-Arell / communication
Kristine Magnesen / communication
Christian Kraugerud Søberg / marketing