December 21th 2016 | Borders |

h. 12.30 a.m.

Lungolago Gonzaga, Mantova

Mantova Capitale Italiana della Cultura 2016


The work concentrates in the act of observing the reconstruction of a socio-political debate on the contemporary society, taking the idea of gaze as a performative gesture and as a communication ground, in its relation with the body.

Two telescopes installed on Mantova’s Lungolago point at precise natural elements and offer to citizens the chance to exercise an unusual point of view, shifting from the city to what is outside it and the elsewhere.
The work aims at giving a new point of view, which is both spatial and ideal, suggesting new borders of the city: the water and the sky, as boundless natural elements transforming over time become the city limits, overturning  and recoding the idea of Mantova as a fortified city and its spirit with it.