18 > 19 AUGUST 2023 RECORD première - MLADI FESTIVAL, Ljubljana

26 Giugno 2023
26 Giugno 2023

18 > 19 AUGUST 2023 RECORD première - MLADI FESTIVAL, Ljubljana

18 > 19 AUGUST 2023

RECORD première


We are excited to present for the first time the performance Record

This première will feature the participation of a local choir of youngsters from all different backgrounds. The poetics of the Mladi Levi Festival goes in the same direction: cooperation with the local community, duration and lightness, singing and helplessness, fiction and reality.

The youngsters  will be selected through an open call in each city where Record will take place, making  the performance different and unique at each time. Record gives a voice to young people, including those who are not often enough represented in performing arts.

More info: https://www.bunker.si/en/mladi-levi-international-festival/

Artist: Francesca Grilli Words: Azzurra D'Agostino Curator: Paola Tognon Storytelling: Piffi Stuntwoman: Lisa Patoor Movement: Benno Steinegger Choir director and vocal trainer: Jean-Baptiste Veyret-Logerias Sound designer: Christophe Albertijn Video maker: Gianluca Mattei Colour advice: Ettore Lombardi Studio assistant: Elena Regazzoni 
Production: Flanders State of the Art, Hiros Coproduction: VIERNULVIER, workspacebrussels, Indisciplinarte Terni, Snaporazverein, Høstscena Partners: KAAP, Kaaitheater, BASE Milano, Bunker / Mladi Levi festival With the support of: Corpoceleste, WpZimmer Special thanks to: Arturo Zanaica, Mira De Schepper, Loïs Heirman, Manon Joannoteguy, Néphéle De Bie, Marie Maloux, Joanne de Broux, Arnold Tamchom, Morgane Wadbled, Alma Rosado